Shooting Lessons

Shooting Lessons with Adam Calvert

Adam Calvert is rapidly becoming globally recognised as one of the most dynamic and successful shooting coaches in the world today, offering highly bespoke and tailored shooting instruction & Gun fitting. Last year he spent around 90 days in the field, instructing clients on a one-to-one basis. Instruction takes place in two main formats – on a shooting ground, or in the game field.

Grouse Instruction

Adam has created a purpose built grouse layout at Haydon Farm covering nearly 30 acres with 6 grouse butts, enabling his clients to shoot in front and behind as well as below their feet & with the ability to show anything from single birds to packs of six. This is probably the only facility of it’s kind in the South of England which is able to provide true simulated grouse.

High Bird Instruction

There is also a cherry picker sited on one of our Game Drives that can simulate the high driven birds that many crave. With a steady westerly wind we can truly simulate that curling, dropping bird that everyone loves so much...

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